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Assembly of flange connections

Course at ERGON

Flange connections must be carried out by personnel qualified to do so, as defined by EU regulations. This requires a qualification from the Office of Technical Inspection, but it is also worth having a certificate confirming compliance with the standards from TÜV. We take care of all this at our centre - thanks to us, you will obtain a certificate of qualification. If you are interested in the topic of installing flange connections, take a look at our offer. 

Flange connections

Form of training 

At the ERGON Personnel Development Centre, we are organising a course on making flanged joints. It is primarily intended for anyone who intends to work in this industry. The open training course is available to anyone willing to attend. We also run courses for organised groups from one workplace, in which case it is a closed course. If necessary, we are able to organise classes at a location designated by the client.  

Conditions for taking part in the course 

Above all, we require of our future trainees before they take part in training: 

  • over 18 years of age, 
  • the absence of any health contraindications, 
  • have a minimum of basic education. 

Thematic scope 

We cover a wide range of topics in our training so that our trainees are properly prepared for the exam.  

The theoretical scope includes topics such as: 

  • Health and Safety rules for the installation of flanged joints, 
  • identification of types of gaskets, flanges and bolts, 
  • use of hydraulic and torque spanners, 
  • leakage requirements, 
  • the most common equipment failures. 

The practical scope includes topics such as: 

  • familiarise yourself with the steps of assembly and disassembly, 
  • personal protective equipment, 
  • assembling flange connections under the guidance of an instructor, 
  • carrying out a leakage test, 
  • other practice-related exercises. 

Both theory and practice are extremely important in the learning process. The training concludes with an examination before a commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection. A positive result ensures that you receive your UDT licence and, therefore, the legal operation of flange connection equipment. ERGON training courses ensure comprehensive preparation for the UDT examination. 

Our offer 

Acquiring a qualification certificate is not the only benefit to be gained from our training courses. With us, trainees have the opportunity to obtain a TÜV certificate valid in many European countries. This ensures that employees can also develop their careers abroad. In addition, this certificate is an additional proof of qualification in the field of joint assembly. 

Installation made of pipes

Cost of the course 

Because we model the training programme on the client's wishes and adapt to the client's needs, we set the price individually with each client. Please note that we also have attractive discounts for organised groups. The cost of the course also depends on the number of participants and a possible change of topics. The price of our training includes, among other things, materials for self-study as well as the equipment we use during practice. For more details on the course price, please call us. 


Our company has branches in several cities, including Warsaw, as well as other locations in Poland. However, if access is problematic for the client or you simply want to organise a training session on your premises, we offer this possibility. We are able to travel to any place in Poland - location does not matter to us.  

How to sign up? 

If you are interested in open training, please register by phone or email. For closed training courses, we also hold telephone registrations.  

Eligibility and certification 

Flange fitter

The course is conducted according to the EU standard EN 1591-4, which sets out safety guidelines. On the basis of these, you can obtain a TÜV certificate, which is valid for five consecutive years. Importantly, after our training, the participant receives this certificate in Polish and English, so it will also be valid abroad. The certification ensures that flange connections are made safely and legally. Failure to do so could lead to legal consequences in the event of an inspection from the Technical Inspection Authority. Occupational health and safety is extremely important, especially as installations can burn out and fires can occur at any time.  

The ability to check for proper leaks is also essential for this position. All this can be learnt at our training centre. The ERGON Centre for the Advancement of Human Resources invites all those interested to attend a training course in flange fitting. We guarantee thorough training in this area. We are one of the few training centres to issue a TÜV certificate. Our prices are competitive and tailored to each customer. For more details, please call us at the telephone number and e-mail address shown on our website.