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CO smoker course

The work of a central heating boiler stoker

cooker burner

The occupation of central heating stoker is currently in increasing demand on the labour market. Operating central heating boilers is a responsible occupation with many risks. The work involves contact with flammable substances and takes place in conditions of exposure to high temperatures. In order to work as a central heating boiler burner, you must be suitably qualified and skilled. The main tasks of a stoker include operating boilers that supply heat, steam and hot water. This work requires specialised knowledge and skills. With CO-burner courses, you can acquire the qualifications necessary for this position. You are welcome to visit our ERGON Centre of Excellence for a CO burner course. We also offer other training courses, such as fibre-optic welding and fork-lift truck operation. 

How is the course going? 

When it comes to the CO-burner course, our training aims to educate the trainee in both practical and theoretical knowledge. The classes are taught by qualified trainers who teach the trainees the knowledge they need for their future profession in an active way. The lecturers and instructors conduct the classes in a very professional and understandable manner. We have comprehensively equipped classrooms and training facilities. We also make every effort to ensure that our trainees take an active part in lessons.  

We have been providing our training courses for more than a dozen years, working with individuals and companies. We have been trusted by a large number of individuals and entities, and many of them have become our regular clients. We encourage you to sign up for our courses. On ERGON's website, you can see reviews of customer cooperation with our Centre.  

Types of energy allowances 

There are three groups of energy powers:  

  • group 1 (electric) - generating, transforming, transmitting and consuming electricity. electricity installations and networks,  
  • group 2 (district heating) - equipment that generates, transmits, processes and consumes heat and other energy equipment,  
  • Group 3 (gas) - gas facilities and networks for processing, transporting, producing, storing and consuming gaseous fuels. 
central heating boilers

What sets us apart? 

By choosing our training, participants can expect:  

  • attractive prices, 
  • facilities for trainees, e.g. arranging a medical examination, 
  • comprehensive theoretical and practical preparation of the participant for the examination before the qualification board,
  • a form of service delivery tailored to the client's needs, 
  • a guarantee of service of the highest quality. 

Purpose of the course 

We prepare you for the examination before the Energy Qualification Commission. A positive result entitles you to obtain a certificate of qualification as a CO stoker in the operation of water and steam boilers. The course is a preparation for the exam and is an essential element for obtaining the qualification to carry out maintenance, repair, servicing and assembly activities on heating equipment, installations and networks. 

Conditions of admission to training  

In order to take the course and become an authorised smoker, three basic requirements must be met: 

  • be at least 18 years old, 
  • have a primary school education, 
  • receive a positive result from a medical examination, entitling them to work as a CO smoker. 

CO smoker tests 

During the examination, good hearing, smell, sight or sense of touch are checked, with the aim of detecting any abnormalities that could be dangerous - mainly gas poisoning. 

Additional useful skills and competences  

A high level of manual dexterity, technical flair or good organisation of work will be useful in this job. A person who decides to become a stoker should be aware of the responsibility that will be placed on them. Failure to observe or overlook a defect could result in fume pollution. If a stoker wishes to work on gas boilers and scaffolds with a power output of more than 50KW, he or she must have a specialised energy licence. 

Topics covered 

The scope of the teaching material of the training course mainly includes: 

  • diagram of central heating boiler room, 
  • CO stoker duties, 
  • correct setting of boiler operating parameters according to their performance, 
  • principles of health and safety, fire safety and first aid skills to work safely,
  • methods for controlling the technical condition of individual heating system devices, 
  • technical supervision provisions, 
  • industrial ovens of over 50 KW, 
  • solid fuels, liquid fuels, control and measurement apparatus, 
  • general provisions and selected issues within their scope, 
  • selected knowledge of thermal techniques,
  • organisation of work on thermal equipment, 
  • steam and water boilers.

Cost of training 

CO cooker meter

We aim to provide competitive prices for all our clients. The cost of the course depends, among other things, on the number of participants taking part. For more detailed information, please call us. 

Where can you find us? 

Our main training centre is located in Warsaw, but we are available throughout the country. For organised groups, we are able to travel to your location. You can view the location of our branches on our website. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.