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Repair service for your mobile platform

Your competent partner for technical problems 

Do you have a mobile platform in your company that doesn't work and you don't know what to do? Do you need spare parts? Do you own a piece of equipment but no one in your company takes care of its ongoing maintenance? The ERGON Personnel Improvement Centre will be happy to help you enjoy the long efficiency and service life of your mobile platform. 

What is a mobile platform? 

Mobile platform

Mobile mobile platforms are technical devices designed to move people to workstations horizontally and vertically. These devices allow work to be carried out from a working platform that is suspended from a linkage or lifted by a crane. They are used for assembly or painting work at height, or the installation of large-scale advertising. 

A mobile platform is a portable device for moving people to a workstation in a horizontal or vertical manner. It consists of a platform that is suspended from a linkage or lifted by a hoist.  

Obligation of testing and maintenance 

On mobile platforms, there should be a periodic technical inspection of the equipment, in the presence of the user and the maintainer, covered by technical supervision. In addition to the tests, these devices need an annual electrical inspection of the installation, taking into account fire protection and safety circuits. During inspections, tests are carried out on the load-bearing structure, the running track and the earthing. The person who maintains the mobile platform decides, on the basis of verification of the correct functioning of the equipment, whether it can be put into service by agreeing this with the UDT (Office of Technical Inspection). 

Remember that regular maintenance and servicing is not only a responsibility, but also reduces the susceptibility to breakdowns and extends the life of the unit. 

What does the ERGON Centre of Excellence offer in terms of platform repairs? 

We offer:

  • State-of-the-art workshops: With four special workshops in Poland, we are closer to you than you think; 
  • Competent staff: many years of experience in repairing mobile platforms; 
  • Mobile service team on site: with fully equipped service vehicles; 
  • Transport units: If necessary, we will collect your device and bring it back after repair; 
  • Replacement equipment hired: to avoid downtime, you will receive a replacement unit under special conditions. 

ODK ERGON offers maintenance services for many types of mobile platforms.    

Damage diagnosis 

Aerial work platform

If your mobile platform is no longer working properly, you can rest assured because you will receive fast and direct support from us. Our technician will come to you in one of our service vehicles and get an in-depth look at what the problem is. It is often the case that it can be solved on site. 

In more difficult cases, where the causes of the damage to the unit are more complicated, it may be necessary to transport the unit to the nearest ERGON workshop. We will be happy to support you in arranging transport. 

We would also be most happy to provide equipment rental under special conditions so that your business has no downtime. 

Repairing the mobile platform 

Service technicians undertake repairs to all types of mobile platforms: 

  • stationary mobile platforms,
  • Suspended mobile platforms,
  • masted mobile platforms, 
  • mobile platforms, 
  • platforms on railway vehicles. 

Our service technicians are authorised by the Office of Technical Inspection and are trained in the knowledge of the most relevant issues related to them, namely: 

  • the mechanical part, including the hydraulic part, 
  • the electrical part, 
  • maintenance duties in terms of inspection and repair of equipment, 
  • the construction of the platforms and how they operate, 
  • the health and safety rules applicable during operation, 
  • typical faults found in platforms and their remedies, 
  • the correct way to take care of the technical condition of the equipment, 
  • the correct use of instructions and technical documentation. 

Our scope of activities includes activities related to: 

  • electrical repairs, 
  • lift regeneration, 
  • repair of internal combustion engines, 
  • ensuring that the hydraulic system is working properly, 
  • carrying out periodic inspections. 

Although there are many possible damages or faults with the appliance, our service technicians will be happy to help and repair your appliance, whatever the problem.  

The service deals with:  

  • hydraulic defects, e.g. burst hoses, oil leaks, leaking cylinders; 
  • electrical faults, such as control problems, breakdowns, cable breaks; 
  • defects in the steel structuree.g. bent balustrades, cracks. 

 Whenever possible, repairs are carried out on site, while ERGON workshops are only required for complex cases. 

Delivery of spare parts 

We are happy to supply the necessary parts for all brands of mobile platforms. 

UDT authorisations 

Damage to the steel structure

The Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) is a national legal entity that has been operating for more than 100 years in the area of safety of technical devices, based, inter alia, on the Act of 21 December 2000 and other legal acts. On the territory of Poland there are more than 9 field branches of the UDT and more than 20 offices.