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The ERGON company invites interested candidates to a course in fire extinguisher maintenance. At the training course organised by our company, you will learn how to safely carry out maintenance and repair of fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment. 

Fire extinguisher in operation during training

The maintenance or operation of a fire extinguisher can in theory be carried out by anyone. Fire extinguishers have separate instructions on how to carry out maintenance. Unfortunately, not everyone can undertake the repair of a potential fault that fire extinguisher maintenance may show. For this you need a special fire extinguisher maintenance licence.  

The training course is primarily aimed at people who would like to start working as fire extinguisher maintenance technicians. On the course organised by ERGON, you will acquire the knowledge needed to carry out efficient and safe maintenance and repair of an extinguisher. 

Form of training 

Like the rest of the courses offered by ERGON, fire extinguisher maintenance training also consists of three different parts: theoretical, practical and a final exam.

Theoretical part Practical part Final examination 
In the theoretical part, our trainers provide the trainees with all the necessary information on the safe operation and maintenance of a fire extinguisher. The scope of the theoretical part includes: Structure of an extinguisher Selection and labelling of hand-held fire extinguishing equipment Risks associated with inappropriate use of an extinguisher Types of extinguishers which must be subject to UDT testing In the practical part of the course, trainees have the opportunity to practise the knowledge acquired during the theoretical training. During the practical course, the trainees, under the supervision of the training staff, have the opportunity to perform maintenance, operation and repair of fire extinguishers in a controlled environment. In addition, as part of the practical training, trainees have the opportunity to extinguish demonstration fires. As with all training, the final examination also consists of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, the trainees write an exam consisting of closed and open questions designed to test the knowledge acquired by the trainees during the theoretical training. The practical part of the examination consists in performing in front of an examination board the activities related to the operation and maintenance of a fire extinguisher. Passing both parts of the exam with a positive result provides trainees with qualification benefits allowing them to work as fire extinguisher maintenance technicians. 

Who can take part in the training 

ERGON's fire extinguisher maintenance training course can be attended by anyone, regardless of previous experience level. Our trainers will make every effort to ensure that every person taking the course passes it successfully and obtains the desired benefits. 

Maintenance man working on a fire extinguisher

In order to participate in the fire extinguisher maintenance course held at ERGON, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • At least 18 years of age 
  • At least primary education 
  • No medical contraindications to practise as a scaffolder. 

Anyone who meets all of the above conditions can take advantage of ERGON's offer to increase their professional competence with fire extinguisher maintenance permits. 

Cost of fire extinguisher maintenance training 

ERGON offers training for both individuals and companies wishing to broaden the professional skills of their employees. For individual clients, open courses are the best choice. The dates of open courses are listed in the calendar on our website, along with prices. The calendar is updated regularly, so we encourage those interested in open training to keep an eye on our website.  

Companies wishing to organise group training on the maintenance and use of fire extinguishers for their employees are welcome to contact our consultants individually. The price of closed training depends on a great many factors and is always determined individually for each client. Before contacting our company, you should prepare information about the candidates and their level of experience and a potential date for the training. Based on this information, our consultants will be able to prepare an offer for each client, at preferential rates. 

Where does fire extinguisher maintenance training take place 

Open training courses for fire extinguisher maintenance, just like the rest of the training courses, take place at ERGON's headquarters in Warsaw or at one of our training centres located throughout the country.  

For clients wishing to conduct closed-door training for their employees at their company, our trainers can travel to the company and conduct the training on site if conditions allow.   

Handy fire extinguisher

In addition, there is also the possibility of online training, on our company's learning platform.  

Our company and trainers are able to adapt to each individual customer so that the training is carried out according to their needs. If you are interested in organising a course for your employees, we encourage you to call our company.