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Forklift truck service

ERGON services 

We help at every stage related to the operation of forklift trucks. We have a wide range of services including: installation, advice, repair and service. In the event of a fault, we are ready to act. We service equipment throughout Poland, so you can count on a fast response from us. 

Carrying out repairs in a workshop

Our offer includes a high level of service: 

  • Repair or reconditioning of hydraulic components; 
  • Refurbishment of masts and suspensions; 
  • Transmission and engine overhauls; 
  • Assembly:  
  • gas installations, 
  • additional equipment: rotary grippers, side-shift forks, etc, 
  • Pneumatic and superelastic tyres at the customer's premises; 
  • Access to first-hand spare parts (also mail order); 
  • Complete refurbishment of all makes of forklift trucks (including Toyota, Nissan, Manitou, Mitsubishi, Atlet); 
  • Carrying out technical inspections and preparing lifts for UDT registration; 
  • Replacement trolleys can be made available for repair; 
  • Guarantee on all repairs; 
  • Emergency service (up to 24 hours on site). 

Our sales and service departments work directly together to ensure that the parts or machines ordered are technically prepared. Every lift ordered undergoes a complete overhaul both technically and in terms of paint. We have a very well-equipped warehouse with spare parts so that we do not prolong repair times. We are certified by the UDT for the maintenance and modernisation of forklift trucks, and we are able to hire replacement equipment. 

We offer more than 10,000 stock items on permanent sale: 

  • engine parts: Mitsubishi, Nissan, Isuzu, Manitou, Toyota, Cesab, Komatsu and others; 
  • spare parts for forklift trucks: Nissan, Mitsubishi, Steinbock-Boss, Manitou, Toyota, Cesab, Komatsu, Tcm, Yale and more; 
  • accessories such as seat belts and snow chains; 
  • accessories: grippers, turntables, cabs, transfers; 
  • pneumatic and superelastic tyres; 
  • extensions, forklift forks; 
  • consumables: oils and filters; 
  • traction batteries for electric trucks. 

Advantages for which you should choose our company? 

  • Attractive prices - possible discounts for regular contractors and services; 
  • Professional service and support. 

We look forward to working with you. We have been operating on the market for many years. We repair and service all types of forklift trucks. We will answer any question related to the maintenance of these vehicles. We repair various types of forklifts, e.g. electric and internal combustion forklifts of such brands as: toyota, linde, still, jungheinrich, bt and many others. 

In most cases, periodic inspections are carried out every: 

  • 500 Mth (minor overhaul); 
  • 1000 Mth (major overhaul). 
Maintenance of equipment on site

Such an inspection can only be carried out by a person who is certified by the UDT. Each of our maintenance technicians has such a certificate. We only use tested parts and materials to repair equipment and carry out inspections. 

A forklift is a wheeled vehicle powered by an engine. It is used in warehouses and logistics centres for handling (UTB) when loading and unloading goods. This type of equipment is often heavily used which involves repairs. 

What does forklift repair involve? 

Both replacement and diagnostics, where an expert determines the technical condition. Repairs usually involve replacing all parts, or individual components of engines or masts, among others. A true maintainer performs a comprehensive inspection checking the condition of batteries, oils and filters. In addition to this, electrical measurements are important to ensure that the vehicle's electrics are working properly. 

The most commonly broken components? 

At the service centre, certain components can be reconditioned or replaced. First of all, the most susceptible parts are replaced. Among these are: 

  • chains - they corrode or break due to overload; 
  • couplings and valves - are responsible for the operation of the lift, their failures can be of various types; 
  • Pitchforks - abrasion of the working surface, usually becoming bent or twisted; 
  • damage to tracks or tyres; 
  • bearings, rollers, seat belts; 
  • drums, cylinders, cables, pumps, hoses, cylinders;  
  • slides, lighting, engine, gearbox, mast shifts. 

Replacement is also subject to: 

  • engine and hydraulic oils, 
  • fluids, 
  • lubricants, 
  • filters: oil, air, hydraulic. 

Replacement may take a little longer than usual if the service in question does not have spare parts and has to order them. 

How are the different parts of a forklift repaired? 

Any repair should be preceded by diagnostics. It is important to check all systems.  

Firstly: you need to see the hydraulics, any leaks and assess the efficiency of the pumps. A lot of forklift owners do not change the oil on time. An in-depth repair also means changing the oil in the hydraulics and engine. Do not forget the filters in the pumps. Carrier components are also among the most common parts to break down. 

forklift truck in warehouse

Who can repair a forklift? 

You must hold the relevant qualifications. Complete the required courses and training and pass the examinations. The maintenance technician records any faults in the machine's repair and maintenance log. After repairs, a movement test of the forklift is done. A professional then checks that the machine is working properly (without load and with load). Health and safety regulations require an inspection to be carried out once a year. Of course, there will be situations where the vehicle will need a more complex service. It will therefore be beneficial to enter into a contract with a qualified forklift truck service provider. Such a contract includes technical inspections based on the manufacturer's operating instructions and technical activities.