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Get certified as a flange fitter

flange connections

Flange fitter course 

Due to increasing demand and interest, we have decided to introduce a flange joint assembly course to our training base. The work of a flange fitter is a very responsible job with many hazards, such as the risk of soil, water and air pollution, the possibility of fire and economic losses. This is why it is so important to have the right qualifications for the job. This is where our company comes to the rescue, thanks to which you will gain the appropriate level of knowledge and experience and obtain the desired qualifications confirmed by a certificate in accordance with the PN - EN - 1591 - 4 standard. 

Course advantages 

The benefits of participating in our training include: 

  • TUV certified, 
  • stationary exam, 
  • unlimited access to training materials and knowledge base. 

Scope of the course 

Our training is based on the implementation of the basic principles of safety, assembly accuracy and efficiency of the work performed. Thanks to the course organised by our centre, you will gain valuable knowledge about the types and functions of gaskets, types of flange connections. You will also learn about safety principles and the correct assembly and disassembly scheme for flange connections. You will also acquire many practical skills in selecting gaskets or making and supervising flange connections. At the end of our training, a practical and theoretical exam is conducted, the successful completion of which will result in a TUV certificate. 


Students who successfully pass the exam are guaranteed a TUV certificate, which entitles them to work in the assembly and supervision of flange connections throughout Poland and the EU member states for a validity period of 5 years. In addition to the certificate, our trainees also gain access to training materials and the opportunity to consult with our experts. We also issue a certificate confirming the completion of the training course.  

fitted flange connection

Specifics of working as a flange fitter 

Working in the assembly of flanged joints in pressure systems poses a high degree of risk, so it is important that those working in this position follow safety rules. Flange connections ensure high quality operation of tanks and pipelines. The installer should be extremely accurate and precise, as this has a major impact on the tightness and reliability of the connection. 

Application of flange connections 

Flanged connections are used in a wide range of industrial fields such as the refining, oil, food, energy or chemical industries.  

You are cordially invited to sign up for the training.