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Mobile platforms course - get certified

Check out our training offer, we provide courses and training throughout Poland. The company "OSO" offers training for the entitlement of UDT on the operator of mobile platforms, such as skip hoists, scissor lifts, mobile and stationary platforms.

Training programme

Aerial work platform operator.

The training programme complies with the standards and regulations of the Office of Technical Inspection. Classes are conducted in theoretical form as lectures and in practical form as training tasks on machines under the supervision of our specialists.

Theoretical classes consist of providing trainees with the necessary knowledge of operation, legislation, health and safety and equipment classification.

Practical activitiese test the trainee's acquired knowledge after the lecture classes and practical activities on the mobile platforms are carried out under the supervision of the instructors.

Key issues discussed during the training include:

  • operator's legislation
  • knowledge of technical supervision
  • classification and subdivision of mobile platforms
  • safety devices
  • testing of mobile platforms
  • health and safety rules
  • principles of safe operation
  • the drive mechanisms of the work platform support structure.

Our training centre has a very high exam pass rate.

mobile platform operator at work.


After completing the training at our centre, participants take an internal examination. The purpose of the internal examination is to draw attention to possible corrections. After the examination at our centre, the trainee takes the state examination before a board appointed by the UDT.


The qualification certificate for aerial work platforms, including scissor lifts, telescopic lifts and self-propelled lifts, is issued for a period of five years.

The licence for stationary mobile platforms is issued for 10 years after acquisition.

Classification of mobile platforms

The colloquial name for mobile platforms is aerial work platform, aerial lift.

By division of structure, mobile platforms are divided into:

  • articulated mobile platforms (the supporting structure is in the form of a hinged mast)
  • telescopic-articulated mobile platforms
  • masted mobile platforms (single-mast or double-mast)
  • mobile loading platforms (also known as loading boards)
  • suspended access platforms (on suspension wires)
  • mobile scissor lifts (folding and unfolding of the scissor mechanism allows vertical movement of the working platform)
  • telescopic mobile platforms (the support structure is in the form of a telescopic mast).

Mobile lifting platforms are among the most popular aerial work platform in operation.groups and are divided into:

  • Freewheeling mobile platforms consist of a working platform, a chassis and a support structure connected to the chassis. The machines have their own two- or four-wheel drive, and the undercarriage can be wheeled or tracked. Having a superstructure, free-wheeling platforms can be scissor, telescopic, articulated and articulated-scissor.
  • Mobile lifting platforms are platforms mounted on a trailer chassis and designed to be towed behind a vehicle. Platforms of this category are approved for road traffic as special trailers.
  • Mobile lifting platforms are platforms mounted on a vehicle chassis and approved for street traffic.

Escalators, are also divided by the type of drive, these are:

  • electrically-powered mobile platforms (mains or battery-powered)
  • diesel-powered mobile platforms.

Where do we conduct training?

Our training centre is headquartered in Warsaw, but we train specialists all over Poland with travel to the client.

The quality of our services is confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers across the country.

Conditions for taking the training

  • at least primary education
  • at least 18 years of age
  • no medical contraindications to exercise the profession.

Penalty for working without authority

It is against the law to work as an operator of mobile platforms and other machines under the control of UDT without the proper authorisation. The penalty for such an offence can be a fine or imprisonment.

Maintenance of mobile platforms

Once you have completed your training as a mobile platform operator, you are invited to enrol on the mobile platform maintenance course. The maintenance profession is increasingly valued in today's labour market.

We invite you to call us for a price list.

Questions and answers

For how long is a scissor lift operator qualification certificate issued?

The scissor lift operator qualification certificate is issued for five years.

What drive do the mobile platforms have?

Depending on the manufacturer and application, mobile platforms have either a diesel or electric drive.

Do I need a vocational qualification to take training as a boom operator?

No, you only need to have at least an elementary school education to take the training as a mobile platform operator.

Is it possible to train at the client company?

Yes, we have a mobile offer with travel to the customer.