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Service The following are members of the Advisory Committee on Conveyor Handling Equipment

Servicing of materials handling equipment

UDT/UTB repair and service 

repairing the mobile platform 

Our company "ERGON" offers comprehensive repair, modernisation and maintenance of UTBs. We have been operating in the market for more than 15 years and during this period we have gained the trust and recognition of our customers, providing services at the highest level. 

We also carry out a technical and periodic inspection section to check what condition the equipment is in. We carry out all operations in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Inspection Authority.  

Scope of services 

Our specialists deal with, among other things: 

  • maintenance, 
  • audit, 
  • modernisation, 
  • checking the device before purchase, 
  • periodic reviews, 
  • diagnostic tests, 
  • repairing and replacing broken parts,  
  • replacement of lubricants and oils.  

All parts and replacements are from the original manufacturer. 

How often do we carry out a maintenance review? 

All Material Handling Equipment is subject to a timely maintenance inspection. Such inspection must be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions provided by the manufacturer. However, if no such instructions are provided, the regulation must be followed. 

According to such a regulation, they should be carried out equally every 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or 180 days, and the inspection period depends on the type of equipment, e.g: 

forklift truck repair
  • manually operated cranes, winches and hoists - their maintenance is carried out every 90 days
  • mobile platforms (mostly) - maintenance takes place every 30 days
  • tower, mobile and rail-mounted cranes - maintenance takes place every 30 days
  • mobile, stationary and mobile cranes - maintenance is performed every 60 days
  • equipment for disabled persons - maintenance takes place every 30 days. 

Type of service 

We have stationary and mobile service with travel to the indicated address. We carry out mobile service throughout Poland. To have our team of experts come to you with assistance, you need to contact us by phone and describe the type of fault. We will carry out a diagnosis and audit and bring with us the necessary tools to repair your device.  

Our employees 

We employ experts in the field of UTB service. Each of our employees has several years of experience in modernisation, maintenance and repair. And, of course, our specialists have the relevant licences to do the job. A team of specialists prepared in this way will take care of your equipment, prolong its life and improve the quality of the work it performs. 

UTB hire 

stationary service facility

We also operate a point where you will be able to hire forklifts and scissor lifts. The rental equipment meets the requirements of the UDT, so just contact us to arrange the rental conditions. 

Feel free to call us to arrange an inspection of your unit. 

Questions and answers

Does your company have rental facilities?

Yes, we rent forklifts and scissor lifts (basket and scissor lifts). 

What types of services do we have?

We have two types of service namely stationary and mobile. Both of these services are run by professional staff with a wealth of experience.