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Course on working safely at heights

Working safely at heights 

Working at height is one of the most dangerous jobs. There are plenty of opportunities for serious injury or even loss of life. Because of this, employers are obliged to provide their employees with adequate protection and security when working at height. 

industrial climber in safety helmet

Nowadays, the most commonly used means of fall protection is the construction harness. It is a type of harness that not only provides safety when working on the roofs of buildings, they also allow you to work in an overhang at the façade of a building. For this reason, it is a very popular device used in building maintenance and window cleaning. 

In order to use a safety harness safely and correctly, it is first necessary to complete an appropriate course. Training at ERGON will provide everyone with the required knowledge to use the harness needed to work at height. The course is designed for both those working with the harness and those maintaining the device. 

Who can take part in the course 

The course is primarily intended for those who work at height. In order to participate in the harness course offered by ERGON, a few simple requirements must be met: 

  • Completed 18 years of age, 
  • At least primary education, 
  • No medical contraindications to working at heights. 

Anyone who meets these few simple requirements can acquire the knowledge needed for the safe operation and maintenance of work-at-height harnesses with the help of the course offered by ERGON. 

Course format  

The harness course lasts one working day. During one day, trainees receive all the theoretical information needed to work safely with a harness at height, as well as practical training in correct harness fitting and maintenance. The entire training course ends with an exam, after the completion of which the trainees receive the relevant certificate authorising them to work with the safety harness. During the course, those taking part will learn, among other things: 

Theoretical part Harness design Health and safety regulations for working at heights with a harness Possible load capacity of the harness Maintenance of the harness Physical factors when working at heights with a harness Assessment and evaluation of risks and elimination of hazards from the work zone Legal and formal aspects of working at heights 
Practical part Mounting and dismounting the harnesses Putting on the harnesses safely Moving around with the harness attached (hanging and against the wall) Working with the tool while hanging on the harness  

The entire training course concludes with an examination in which the trainees are expected to correctly perform the activities covered during the course. Both the practical part of the training and the exam itself take place on specially prepared surfaces or suitably low scaffolding. In the course price, ERGON also provides equipment specially prepared for those just learning to work with safety harnesses.  

Anyone who successfully completes the final exam receives a certificate, attesting to the skills acquired during the training. Permits acquired during the harness course are valid for two years. After this period, it is necessary to enrol in the course again and pass the exam again with a positive result in order to renew one's permit. 

Course price 

Anyone wishing to learn how to safely use a working-at-height harness is encouraged to attend an open course organised by ERGON. As with other open training courses, this one is also open to anyone wishing to broaden their professional competences. These are group courses organised by our company for people wishing to broaden their professional competences on their own. Open courses in our company are organised on a regular basis; specific dates and prices can be found in the course calendar on our website. 

For individual clients, the price of training depends on a number of factors, such as the location of the training, the level of experience of the trainees and the number of trainees. The price of such closed training courses is always agreed individually with the customer. Before contacting our consultants, we always suggest preparing the relevant information to help our employees make an offer. If, on the other hand, the client is not himself aware of the exact level of experience of his employees, our company is also able to advise in this respect and suggest the best choice for the client. Our consultants are ready to prepare an offer perfectly tailored to everyone's needs. 

Where the course takes place

The harness course, like other vocational training courses offered by ERGON, takes place at our headquarters in Warsaw or at one of our training centres located throughout the country. 

Worker suspended from a harness on scaffolding

In the case of individual customers willing to cooperate with our company in the matter of training their employees, our trainers are able to travel to the customer's company and conduct the course there. However, in order to organise a harness course at a customer's company, the basic condition is that the training equipment can be set up in a safe location. Before ordering this type of training, you should contact our consultants. They will be able to assess whether the conditions at the customer's company are suitable for the course. 

Anyone who would like to learn how to work safely at height or train their employees in this regard is welcome to contact our company. ERGON's experienced team of trainers will do their utmost to ensure that our clients and their employees can work safely at heights.