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Overhead cranes - ERGON training offer

cranes used in vessel loading

About us

At ERGON we offer you training courses for crane operators. We are a company that for many years has been organising technical courses for equipment such as telescopic handlers, HDS, forklifts, cranes or mobile platforms. We cooperate with many companies that have been referring their employees to our closed training courses for years, but we also operate in the mode of open classes, intended for anyone interested. Our courses include the opportunity to acquire specialist practical and theoretical knowledge and the necessary qualifications to work as a crane operator. 

Requirements of trainees 

Each trainee dedicated to cranes should meet the following requirements: 

  • at least primary education, 
  • at least 18 years of age, 
  • no medical contraindications to work as an operator. 

Why sign up for our training? 

Increasing competence creates the possibility of finding a job more quickly and easily, as the market is looking for professionals who have the right competence and qualification certificates. If we want to obtain crane qualifications, we need to prepare ourselves accordingly. Our crane course is the ideal way to do this, as the lecturers provide all the necessary information on the construction and proper operation of the device, so that the trainees can easily pass the examination before the commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection, and also receive authorisations to operate cranes. In addition, we support the trainees with teaching materials to help them study for the exam. Our classes are taught by experienced and qualified instructors and trainers. As part of the practical classes, we also provide practice equipment that complies with UDT requirements. 

Course of training 

The training, organised by ERGON, consists of a theoretical and a practical part. Participants thus acquire the necessary knowledge and learn how to operate the equipment correctly at the workplace. At the end of the course, all trainees take an exam, after which they receive a qualification certificate and a certificate of completion of the crane training. As far as the theoretical part of the course is concerned - there is the possibility of online training. In the case of organised groups, we can also travel to the client and provide practical training at the workplace, if the company has suitably adapted machinery. 

Training programme 

Specialised knowledge and practical skills are required to operate cranes. There are many potential problems in the area of crane operation, so operators of these machines should be aware of how to solve them. It is useful to know how to avoid the failure of crane components through correct use, and to be competent in knowing the relevant standards and rules, e.g. health and safety. 

The programme envisaged includes topics such as: 

  • general equipment news, 
  • practical classes in the operation of cranes, 
  • specialised mechanical engineering: construction, operation, 
  • the operator's responsibilities during and after work, 
  • technical supervision of equipment, 
  • Health and safety at work, 
  • types of equipment and their construction. 

Validity of allowances 

Once you have completed your training and passed an examination before an external commission, you will be issued with a licence. It is important to keep an eye on the validity period of these certificates, as they are not issued for life. The period of validity depends on the type of equipment you are certified to operate or maintain, and is as follows: 

  • general-purpose hoists and winches - 10 years, 
  • special-purpose hoists and winches - 5 years, 
  • general-purpose cranes hoists and hoists - 10 years, 
  • special-purpose cranes and hoists - 5 years. 
cranes used in the warehouse

Three months before the expiry of the qualification certificate, we should submit an application for the extension of the validity of the licence, in which we provide proof that we have performed activities related to the profession of crane operator for at least three years within the last five years. The application goes to the UDT unit and it is there that we extend the validity of our document.  

Feel free to contact us by phone or in person at our branches throughout Poland. We are available to anyone who wants to take care of their technical qualifications and invest in their development and future. Contact us to sign up for a course. We also invite you to take a look at our wide range of other training courses.

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