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course participant in telehandlerExperienced and young people alike are opting to become certified and are looking for jobs as UDT operators, including forklifts.
Our company offers training for these and other machines subject to the UDT. We conduct open and closed training courses throughout Poland. Below we outline what conditions a prospective trainee must meet and what the training looks like.



In order to be able to enrol at all in a training course to gain a forklift licence, you need to meet a few requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • have a minimum of basic education,
  • provide a certificate that there are no health objections to the job

Open training

A schedule of current open training courses is available on our website. The courses are aimed at anyone interested in the powers in question.

Closed training courses

Employers and organised groups who are interested in organising a closed course are welcome to contact us. We offer travel to a location to be determined together with the customer and an individually tailored training programme with the possibility of extending it. We can conduct the theoretical part of the course remotely or directly, depending on the customer's preference.

If in doubt, please feel free to contact us.

Obtaining the UDT authorisations

The UDT licence for forklift trucks is divided into two categories:

  • Powered stacker trucks, excluding reach trucks and straddle carrier trucks, weighing 10 years;
  • Powered stacker trucks with boom and powered stacker trucks with operator lifted with load valid for 5 years.

The trainee obtains his/her qualifications after passing the theory and practice during the UDT examination. The qualifications are valid in Poland and throughout the EU.

  • Forklift trucks

There are several types of forklifts and different qualifications are required for each. Before you sign up, familiarise yourself with them and choose the one you need for your job.

Fork-lift truck category with boomTypes of trolleys:

  • powered and reach trucks,
  • powered forklift trucks and an operator who is lifted once with the load
  • powered forklifts, but without the boom and platform for the person lifted with the load.

In addition to forklift training, we also offer the acquisition of UDT qualifications for:

  • HDS cranes,
  • general and special-purpose cranes,
  • telescopic handlers,
  • mobile platforms,
  • aerial work platforms and scissor lifts,
  • tower cranes,
  • cranes.

WDT - Military Technical Inspection Authorisation

Scope of activities:

  • organisational units subordinate to or supervised by the Minister of Defence,
  • units of armed forces of foreign countries present on the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • entrepreneurs in the design, manufacture and operation of specialised equipment

Elements to be supervised:

  • Design,
  • manufacturing,
  • repair and modernisation,
  • marketing and operation of equipment.

course participant in telehandler TDT authorisation

The Transport Technical Supervision is concerned with issuing authorisations for production, repair and modernisation to domestic and foreign plants dealing with technical machinery and subject to TDT supervision.


Questions and answers

What is TDT and what does it do?

The Transport Technical Supervision has similar functions to the Technical Supervision Office. It issues authorisations for the manufacture, repair and modernisation of technical machinery establishments that fall under the supervision of the TDT.

What types of entitlements can be obtained?

We train for all forklift trucks and also for HDS cranes, tower cranes, mobile platforms, basket and scissor lifts, among others. We help course participants to obtain UDT, TDT and WDT licences.

For what period are allowances issued?

If we do the training and the examination at our own expense before the UDT commission, the licence is valid indefinitely and throughout Poland. If the training takes place at the company, it is only valid at the company for the working time specified there.