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Training programme for onshore and offshore courses

Training programme for onshore and offshore courses

We have developed an impactful training programme to introduce you to the mining industry - offshore and onshore. We have divided it into two parts. 

platform at sea

The theoretical part includes: 

  • health and safety rules,  
  • legislation,   
  • hazards and an emergency plan in the event of an accident, 
  • internal functions of industrial organisations,  
  • procedures before boarding the helicopter and during the flight. 

The practical part includes: 

  • carrying out work on offshore and onshore installations, 
  • issuing of emergency alerts, 
  • learning to operate machinery and tools on the job, 
  • exploration of valuable oil or gas deposits, 
  • practice in safe helicopter flight, 
  • providing first aid. 


Participants who successfully complete the course will gain the MEWP ISO 18878 certificate, which certifies their ability to work in the mining industry - onshore and offshore qualifications. The certificate is approved by the international organisation OPITO. The document is valid for 4 years. 

Painter's course - sandblaster in the offshore industry 

When approaching courses for onshore and offshore qualifications, it is worthwhile to look at the course for a painter-sandblaster in the offshore industry. With this training course, students learn about painting, polishing and surface protection techniques to prevent corrosion on oil rigs. The course is completed with a NORSOK M - 501 certificate, which is recognised throughout the European Union. 

Requirements for trainees 

Prospective students should familiarise themselves with the rules for joining the course. Prior to its implementation, you should: 

  • have a primary school education, 
  • have a valid medical certificate authorising them to carry out this type of work, 
  • be of legal age. 

Additional courses in our catalogue

employee on the platform
  • freight lift operator, 
  • crane operator, 
  • mast platform operator, 
  • mobile platform operator, 
  • operator of suspended access platforms, 
  • aerial work platform operator, 
  • telescopic loader operator, 
  • operation and maintenance of unloading and loading equipment, 
  • HDS crane operator, 
  • scissor lift operator, 
  • mobile platform operator, 
  • TDT entitlements, 
  • UNO - use, risks and TDT powers, 
  • UDT equipment maintainer, 
  • aerial work platform maintainer, 
  • UDT/TDT/WDT entitlements, 
  • operation of pressure equipment, 
  • UDT training, 
  • maintenance of materials handling equipment, 
  • maintainer of equipment for the disabled, 
  • construction machinery operator, 
  • forklift operator. 

Questions and answers

Who can join the course? 

The course is aimed at people who have completed their primary education, are 18 years of age and have a valid medical declaration allowing them to carry out this type of work. 

How valid are licences for onshore and offshore work? 

The certificate is valid for four years from the date of issue. It must be renewed regularly.