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Mountaineering training with building access

The aim of our mountaineering training with building access is to familiarise the trainee with the basics of the industry in a safe and effective way. We provide training for those wishing to carry out work at height. In this case of a construction nature. You will be comprehensively trained and prepared for the examination. With us, you will obtain valid certificates that will enable you to become an industrial climber. 

employee at height

Altitude course categories 

We have developed a training programme for several categories of work at height: 

  • work at height with linear access, 
  • work at height with building access, 
  • work at height with building access, with elements of linear access techniques, 
  • working at height and setting up belay points, 
  • work at height and mountaineering training with linear access techniques, 
  • work at height and training in evacuating people at height, 
  • work at height and training in evacuating people from confined spaces. 

Professional offers - mountaineering training with building access 

Upon completion, trainees will be able to work in: 

  • operating cranes and cranes, 
  • tree felling at height,  
  • tree pruning,  
  • roof repairs,  
  • roof painting,  
  • window cleaning at height,  
  • snow clearance from roofs,  
  • assembly work. 

Scope - mountaineering training with building access 

Trainees will be required to read a list of topics covered in class. These are: 

employee working at height
  • health and safety requirements, 
  • legal requirements for work at height, 
  • working at height - characteristics, 
  • hazards when carrying out mountaineering work, 
  • rules for the use and control of equipment, 
  • principles of belaying,  
  • rescue techniques and first aid, 
  • use of harnesses and other restraints, 
  • evacuation of persons at heights, 
  • safe belay points. 

Exam - mountaineering training with building access 

The training process is concluded with an examination, confirming the knowledge and competences of the passers. The exam is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. After passing both tests successfully, a certificate for working at heights is awarded. 

Validity of work-at-height qualifications 

Successful completion of the examination guarantees that you receive your mountaineering licence in the form of a certificate. The document is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. The qualifications must be updated with refresher courses during this period.  

Conditions for students 

Before training, trainees must ensure that they meet several top-down eligibility requirements: 

  • you must be at least 18 years old, 
  • you must have no medical contraindications to work at heights, 
  • you should have a primary school education. 

Questions and answers

What are the prerequisites before taking a mountaineering course? 

To become a trainee, you must: be at least 18 years of age, have no medical contraindications to working at height and have at least an elementary education. 

What is the validity period for mountaineering qualifications? 

Mountaineering qualifications are valid for three years.