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At Ergon, we offer specialised repair services for equipment subject to the Office of Technical Inspection. We provide a fast and comprehensive inspection carried out by qualified specialists. We diagnose the equipment in terms of any failures, guaranteeing their efficient detection and removal. We also carry out standard inspections required by the Office of Technical Inspection. Ergon is a guarantee of quality service.  

UDT - equipment 

Workers on site

The equipment supervised by the UDT is mostly used for particularly critical tasks in the infrastructure, transport or even trade industries. This equipment is often referred to as heavy equipment. A special role in the possibility of using them is played by the authorisations that the employee operating them must have. Almost every piece of equipment is subject to a specialised and compulsory course, which ends with an examination before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. The categories of machinery listed by the authority are: 

  • handling equipment, 
  • non-pressurised equipment, 
  • pressure equipment, 
  • fuel vapour recovery equipment. 

In addition to courses, the UDT also requires registration of these devices. The requirement to inspect them is also particularly important. 

UDT standards and requirements 

Current regulations make it clear that equipment under the authority of the Technical Inspection Authority must be inspected within imposed deadlines. Their owners are therefore legally obliged to arrange routine checks and inspections. Otherwise, the Office has the means at its disposal to impose appropriate financial penalties. Only the relevant certificates, which the Office issues after servicing, can confirm that an inspection has been carried out. Ergon streamlines this entire process and guarantees that all the necessary work is carried out quickly and accurately.    

Repair of UDT equipment 

The equipment we service falls into the category of materials handling. These include: 

  • mobile platforms (distinguishing between basket and scissor lifts), 
  • telescopic handlers,  
  • forklift trucks, 
  • crane-lifts, 
  • cranes, 
  • HDS cranes. 

All of these machines are subject to a high probability of failure due to their role. Inspections are therefore necessary not only because of the requirements of the OTI, but also because of the tasks these machines perform in a variety of industries. The quality and speed of work completion depends on their efficiency. Service and maintenance are therefore needed to maintain the continuity of work, as well as to ensure the safety of employees when operating UDT equipment. 

Service course 

During maintenance work, our employees deal with, among other things: 

  • control system diagnostics,  
  • diagnostics of hydraulic systems, 
  • the rectification of any defects encountered, 
  • checking equipment for safety, 
  • the creation of accurate service documentation. 

Questions and answers


Our service deals with UDT equipment belonging to the group of handling equipment. This equipment is mainly used to move various materials and people. They include HDS cranes, mobile platforms, industrial lifts, telescopic handlers and overhead cranes. 


Repair time depends on the type of equipment and faults detected. A standard service involves carrying out diagnostic work on hydraulic systems or control and safety monitoring systems. It is also possible to upgrade equipment that has been subjected to unusually long periods of use