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We have many years of experience in auditing UDT equipment. We carry out diagnostics, check that the equipment meets the relevant requirements and that it is suitable for further operation. All this in accordance with the current recommendations of the Office of Technical Inspection. 

Employees during machine inspections.
  • Routine maintenance 

The Technical Inspection Authority legally requires two basic things: the registration of all equipment subject to it and the routine checking of its technical condition. The inspection therefore concerns any entity responsible for that equipment and must take place in a timely manner, under threat of financial penalty. Such an inspection is then confirmed by the UDT with the issue of an appropriate declaration. We ensure that all formalities are carried out smoothly so that our customers do not have to hold up their work for too long. We also offer technical advice.     

What does the audit cover? 

Our company mainly deals with the inspection and diagnosis of equipment that falls under the category of handling equipment. This includes: 

  • mobile platforms (basket and scissor lifts), 
  • telescopic handlers,  
  • HDS cranes
  • crane-lifts, 
  • cranes, 
  • forklift trucks. 

Due to the way in which they are used, these devices are naturally subject to more severe wear and tear than other equipment. An audit is therefore a necessary action to determine their further capabilities and the state of safety when working with them.  

Audit - progress 

An UDT machinery audit is all about checking the technical condition of a piece of equipment with a view to its continued safe operation, which in turn ensures the smooth running of industrial plants and other places where they are used. At the same time, it helps to create the conditions for better detection of possible dangers and potential failures at an early stage. During the audit, we deal with: 

  • reviewing and drawing up proper documentation, 
  • initial equipment diagnostics, 
  • security checks, 
  • determining the need for a review, 
  • completion of UDT formalities, 
  • issuing a statement on the possibility of further work. 

Other services 

Forklift operator.

At our company, we are not just in the business of carrying out audits. We also offer specialised and comprehensive training courses for UDT equipment operators. Our classes prepare participants to pass the state exam and to receive their certificates allowing them to work in the profession. In addition to this, we also have an online shop where we sell new and used equipment with advice on purchasing. 

The forklift manufacturers we deal with are: 

  • Jungheinrich,  
  • Toyota,  
  • BT,  
  • Still,  
  • Linde,  
  • Hako,  
  • HC, Nissan,  
  • Komatsu,  
  • Mitsubishi,  
  • OMG,  
  • Hyster,  
  • Yale,  
  • OMV, 
  • Taski, 
  • Manitou,  
  • Clark,  
  • Bauman,  
  • Hyundai. 

In turn, the brands of the mobile platforms we service are: 

  • Alp-Lift,    
  • Bocker,    
  • Lionlift,     
  • Omme,    
  • Snorkel,    
  • Cella,  
  • CTE,     
  • Custers,     
  • Bottoms,    
  • Dino Lift,     
  • Euro Access,  
  • Eurozoom,     
  • France Elevateur,     
  • Genie,  
  • Steinweg,     
  • Aerial,  
  • Aichi,     
  • Basket,    
  • Bison,     
  • Bizzocchi,    
  • Bronto,   
  • BST,      
  • Grove,     
  • GSL,     
  • JLG,     
  • Manitou,    
  • Marklift,     
  • Matilsa,     
  • Maxlift     
  • MEC,    
  • Moog,    
  • Niftylift,     
  • Oil & Steel,     
  • Pagliero Multitel,    
  • Palazzani,     
  • RAM, 
  • GSR,     
  • Haulotte,     
  • Holland lift,   
  • Hunter,    
  • Isoli,     
  • Italmec,     
  • Iteco,        
  • Riffaud,    
  • Ruthmann,     
  • Simon,     
  • Sky High,     
  • Skyjack,    
  • Tecchio,     
  • Terex,     
  • Teupen,     
  • TKD,     
  • Topper,    
  • Toucan,    
  • UpRight,     
  • Versalift,     
  • Weber,   
  • Wumag. 

UDT equipment - definition 

UDT equipment is referred to as equipment that is under the control of the Technical Inspection Authority. This category includes, in particular, machinery that is so-called heavy equipment. In order to operate these machines, you need a special authorisation. To do so, you must undergo the appropriate training followed by an examination. UDT equipment is most often used for loading and unloading, transport or construction work. The official classification distinguishes between equipment: 

  • short sea shipping, 
  • pressure, 
  • non-pressurised, 
  • for fuel vapour recovery. 

Questions and answers


Among the services we offer are auditing, servicing, diagnostics, sales, consultation, advice, maintenance, modernisation and periodic inspections. In addition, we are involved in professional courses for operators and maintainers and the sale of UDT equipment. 


During the audit, we take a close look at the technical condition of the equipment referred to us, check what condition it is in and whether it needs maintenance, and take a close look at the safety conditions at work.