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HDS mobile crane maintenance course

Mobile crane maintenance course

We invite you to professional training in the maintenance and operation of mobile cranes of the HDS type. We guarantee excellent preparation for the state exam passed before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection. Our training staff consists of professional instructors who have many years of experience in the maintenance and operation of handling equipment. 

Purpose of the training 

The aim of the training is to acquire knowledge and skills in the operation and maintenance of HDS mobile cranes. The course prepares you for work as an HDS crane maintainer on construction sites, in warehouses, industrial factories or the timber industry, among others. 

HDS crane on the road

Topics of activities

  • General information on HDS cranes, 
  • Construction and operation of HDS mobile cranes, 
  • principles of technical supervision, 
  • maintenance of HDS cranes, 
  • types of slings and ancillary handling equipment, 
  • health and safety rules for maintenance work on mobile cranes. 

Training programme

  • theoretical classes, 
  • practical activities, 
  • examination - we take care of all the formalities for the UDT examination. 


After passing the exam, the trainee will receive an UDT certificate, which is confirmation of his or her entitlement to work in the maintenance or operation of HDS cranes. 

Learning outcome 

On completion of the course the graduate should have knowledge of: 

  • construction, operating principles and maintenance of HDS mobile cranes, 
  • applicable health and safety rules for the position of HDS mobile crane maintainer, 
  • technical inspection regulations for the maintenance and operation of HDS mobile cranes. 

The skills a certified conservator should have are: 

mobile crane on site
  • carrying out maintenance and repairs to equipment, following the required rules of conduct, 
  • responding correctly in the event of an accident or mishap, 
  • proper documentation of maintenance or repairs carried out, 
  • providing first aid. 


A person who: 

  • is at least 18 years old, 
  • has a minimum of primary education, 
  • has no health contraindications to work as a maintenance worker. 

Our offer 

We recommend checking out our other crane operation and maintenance courses: 

  • stationary,
  • towers, 
  • self-propelled, 
  • railways and on railway vehicles, 
  • deck cranes. 

Questions and answers

What does the course look like?

The training consists of theoretical and practical classes. At the end, an examination is taken by the UDT. 

Where can I work after the course? 

After the training, you can work as a HDS crane maintainer in places such as construction sites, warehouses, industrial factories and companies in the timber industry. 

Do you run any other courses? 

The ERGON Centre is a training company with a wide range of courses. We provide most of the training courses that require UDT qualifications.