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Services on UDT/UTB machinery

UDT/UTB machine services

Comprehensive services for UDT and UTB equipment 

To meet market demand, we have introduced consulting, auditing and assistance with the purchase of UDT machines into our offer. Our team is made up of specialists who are well versed in technical inspection equipment.    

Our services  

Our offer is comprehensive and addressed to all companies and businesses that use UDT machines. The knowledge and experience of our specialists allow us to provide professional help and support in every situation. In our team, we employ only qualified engineers who specialise in solving technical problems of UDT machines. 

forklift truck in warehouse

If you need assistance in the preparation of technical documentationThe documentation required to register your machine with the Technical Inspection Authority is here for you. Our specialists will ensure that your documentation is complete and compliant with legal requirements. 

If, on the other hand, you want to modernise your machines, you can also count on our support. Our team will help you choose the best upgrade, maintenance and repair solutions so that your equipment is operational and safe to use. 

Our offer also includes technical expertise UDT machines, allowing you to accurately diagnose the condition of your equipment. Our team will also help you select the right UDT machines for your needs. 

We have not forgotten about the safe use of UDT machinery either. Our services also include the verification of equipment under technical supervision in terms of compliance with health and safety requirements. This ensures that your machines are safe to use. 

If you need help with diagnostics of your UDT machines, then our team is ready to help you. We will carry out a full diagnostic for you and identify any faults and failures, as well as suggest the best solutions to keep your machine running properly. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with professional and efficient assistance with UDT machines. This is why we are constantly developing our services and expanding our knowledge in order to offer the best possible solutions. If you need support in connection with UDT machines, we invite you to take advantage of our offer. 

Why carry out a UDT machinery audit? 

tower crane on a construction site

The UDT machinery audit is an extremely important activity that allows an in-depth examination of the technical and operational state of equipment. This process makes it possible to detect any irregularities and problems that may exist in the operation of the machinery. By auditing the UDT machinery, production downtime can be avoided, which directly results in increased productivity and efficiency.  

It is worth remembering that an audit of the UDT machinery also allows for increased occupational safety, which is particularly important in the manufacturing sector. In addition, through the audit, the operation of machinery can be optimised and operating costs can be significantly reduced. Therefore, an UDT machinery audit is a necessary action for all manufacturing companies that want to maintain the high quality of their equipment and ensure its smooth operation. 

What does the UDT machinery audit cover? 

Our UDT machinery audit includes a detailed check of the technical and operational condition of machinery, including but not limited to: 

  • checking the condition of the moving parts and any defects, 
  • assessment of the state of wear and tear of individual components, 
  • verification of correct settings and technical parameters, 
  • assessment of the general condition of the machine, 
  • analysis of the condition of the electrical and automation systems, 
  • evaluation of the use and operation of the machine. 

After the audit, you will receive a detailed report of the results, which includes all comments and recommendations on the condition and operation of the equipment. 

Other services we offer 

We are a company that specialises in servicing various types of UDT machinery, such as:  

  • forklift trucks,  
  • HDS cranes,  
  • aerial work platforms,  
  • scissor lifts,  
  • telescopic handlers,  
  • cranes.  

Whether you need our on-site or service assistance, we are at your service. 

Our training centre's offer 

Our training offer is very wide and varied to meet the needs of all our customers. We have courses for operators and maintainers of all kinds of equipment, such as:  

Training in working at heights
  • HDS cranes,  
  • cranes,  
  • telescopic handlers,  
  • forklift trucks,  
  • mobile platforms. 

For those who need specialised training, we also offer training courses   

  • heights,  
  • welding,  
  • welding.  

For those who need electrical, energy and gas-related qualifications, we also offer training in this direction. We are also able to offer training for flange fitters. All this is done to make our training as effective and useful as possible for our customers in their daily work. 

If you are interested in our offer or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  

Questions and answers

How much does an overhead crane operator course cost?

We agree the price directly with the client; it depends, among other things, on the number of participants and the date of the training. 

Do you offer assistance with forklift selection?

Yes, we offer assistance with the selection of forklifts and other UDT machines. 

What support do you offer for the registration of UDT machines?

We offer assistance in preparing the technical documentation necessary for the registration of the machine with the Office of Technical Inspection. Specialists will ensure that the documentation is complete and complies with legal requirements.