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Extracts commodities - types and uses

Freight statements - types and uses

What are freight lifts? 

A goods hoist is a sliding platform on a mast with a ladder-like structure, attaches to a mobile chassis and is lowered in an inclined manner onto the roof (ceiling) of a building. With this platform, building loads are transported to higher levels (UDT definition). Hoists come in mobile and portable versions. They are subject to limited supervision and require inspection tests every two years. 

Over the years we have seen a significant increase in the mechanisation of work at height  

Worker lays tile

High-tech equipment used to be used on large structures, but today it can be spotted around single-family homes. One of these is the goods lift, which is currently the most popular solution for the roofing industry. Before the equipment can be used, it is necessary to report the equipment in writing to the technical inspection unit.  

A positive inspection will provide a decision allowing the equipment to be operated. On the basis of this, an inspection book will be issued, into which will go an entry on registration in the register in the respective area of the UDT branch.  

The lifts must be used in accordance with the provisions in the manual and operated according to their intended use. They are subject to technical supervision. They are in the group of handling equipment. They are able to move loads over a certain range. 

What does inspection and maintenance look like in practice what needs to be done? 

  1. Check the rope for wear or the first signs of wear, (e.g. crushed areas, broken strands) watch out for corrosion.  
  1. Replace the cord if necessary. 
  1. Maintenance and monthly inspection is carried out by an authorised operator. He shall: 
  • lubricate the gear wheel in the pulley of the cable winch with a grease gun; 
  • make sure that the rope release connector moves freely. 
  1. At the quarterly review it is mandatory to see: 
  • that information signs are in place and legible; 
  • the load table and the tilt angle indicator to see if everything is running correctly; 
  • signs of failure - if any; 
  • whether all safety features are working. 
  1. Typically, an inspection is carried out every 3,000, or other number of operating hours specified by the manufacturer. During such an inspection, it is mandatory to replace the grease in the gearbox of the gearmotor. 

The simple and easy use of the goods hoist on site makes it the best means of vertical transport. It is particularly used in the roofing industry, but sometimes has its share of general construction work. It has a large reach and lifting capacity, these features make it carry most construction materials. It has a simple design that is very practical. It is a versatile device that assists in all kinds of specialised work. Its segmented design makes it possible to tailor the set exactly to the customer's needs. Other names circulating in the community are: roof ladder, sloping winch, roofing lift, etc. 

Employee on the lift

Examples of use of lifts 

  • For companies involved in the professional installation of photovoltaics - Because of the increase in demand for products, special equipment was developed for the needs of installation companies. Solar freight lifts helped to transport delicate higher-priced materials that could otherwise easily be damaged.  
  • In the furniture industry, as a result of the increasing popularity of freight lifts across Europe - A professional group has formed to increase safety and efficiency in their business. Many companies have chosen to end the transportation of heavy and expensive furniture traditionally, bringing it in via staircase and lift, as this is a method that carries the risk of damage. 
  • Warehouse version based on moving loads from basement level to ground zero. Used in pharmacies, pubs (crates, beer kegs), warehouses and more.