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Not do you know how to act in a fire? sign up for our course!

Don't know how to behave during a fire? Sign up for our course!

It is very important that we know how to behave when we are threatened by a fire. What to do? Where to flee What to avoid and what absolutely not to do?  

Why is knowing what we should do during a fire so important?  

awareness during a fire outbreak

The rules for dealing with a fire vary depending on where and why the fire is happening. You should behave differently if a fire breaks out in a flat, and differently in the case of Christmas tree lights, and still differently if you are in a workplace.  

The answers to these questions are very simple, but under the influence of emotion and fear we sometimes fail to remember them. It may be a good idea to systematise and refine this knowledge. Taking the course we offer can help save your life and, in addition, teach you how to save it for someone else. We firmly believe that you will be more aware and responsible after attending our classes.  

If you are still considering whether to attend our fire training course, ask yourself if you can use a fire extinguisher correctly? Are you confident that your employees can use it correctly? Knowing how to use the auxiliary equipment, can greatly reduce the danger and therefore also the property damage.  

According to experts, 80% fires in workplaces would not have occurred if workers knew how to operate handheld firefighting equipment and were properly trained to do so.  

So don't wait, get in touch with us today, ensure the highest security for yourself, your employees and your entire company!  

What do we offer in our training?  

We organise introductory fire training so that participants can become more familiar with the rules that apply if there is a fire. How do you keep yourself and, if possible, others safe? The course will provide comprehensive knowledge in this area.  

what we talk about in the training 

In addition to initial training for new employees, we also offer periodic training courses to supplement employees' knowledge from time to time and update it as necessary.  

Both training courses consist of two parts - theoretical and practical.  

What topics do we cover in the training?  

Information on fire hazards at the workplace;  
Presentation of the workplace fire manual;  
Provide information on the deployment of fire equipment;  
Principles of fire and evacuation signage;  
Conduct evacuation and emergency procedures;  
Principles of operation of hand-held firefighting equipment;  
Providing first aid to the injured.  

Depending on the client's wishes, the entire course programme and topics are selected individually according to the needs signalled. Not all items on the list need to be covered during the course, but can be replaced by others. With this adjustment, we provide participants with the knowledge they need for their workplace and beyond.  

In addition to theoretical knowledge, we offer practical exercises and demonstrations so that we can visualise for our participants what we are talking about.  

We stand out for our flexibility, reliability and commitment to what we do. We are committed to ensuring that everyone who trusts us and takes the course is satisfied and truly satisfied. By completing the course and finishing the class, a certificate is awarded to everyone present.  

Why us?  

We have been in the training business for more than a dozen years and are leaders in our field. We know our customers, we know what they need, and this means that our course programmes are constantly being renewed and adapted to give as much satisfaction and knowledge as possible. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art classrooms and equipment that meets all requirements and allows us to deliver classes at the highest possible level.  

Classes are organised at our branches, which are located in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, etc., but our flexibility allows us to travel to any place that suits you. It can be a workplace, a training room or any other place where the course can take place.  

Where can you find us?  

Firefighter puts out a fire

On our website, in the list of courses you can easily find the one that interests you most. Classes are held periodically. We warmly invite you to enrol! 

Price of trainingThe price for the course largely depends on how many people will be taking part. If we are dealing with a large group, we are very happy to give discounts and the price is negotiable. 

We give exact quotes and amounts on an individual basis so as to match the price as adequately as possible. We try to make the price as attractive as our rates.  

Don't wait, keep your company safe and stay calm. Trust us, because no one will train your employees like we do!