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What deals with the smoker?

What does a smoker do?

A boiler stoker deals with the operation and maintenance of central heating boilers, i.e. boilers that provide heat, steam and hot water. A boiler stoker must have the necessary knowledge, as a whole lot of furnaces are complex machines and can only be operated by a trained person.

Boiler room - example1

What are the responsibilities of the smoker:

  • Operating automatically fired boilers to generate steam
  • Water testing
  • Valve cleaning
  • Ignition of gas burners using the igniter
  • Insulation maintenance
  • Starting the pulveriser
  • Mechanical grate activation to crush the coal
  • Supply of coal to the cooker
  • Pressure monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Checking the air draft meters located on the measuring or distribution board
  • Adjustment of the automatic combustion control system,
  • Monitoring the operation of water supply regulators, mechanical grates, pulverisers and burners - with the help of valves and regulators
  • Setting the correct fuel air supply and boiler steam pressure with valves and regulators
  • Checking that the boiler is operating correctly
  • Possible replacement of burners, sealing of pipes and fittings
  • Alternatively, carry out a boiler feed water test
  • Keeping a register of meter and gauge readings

Where will a boiler stoker find employment?

If you want to become a smoker, there is plenty of work for you, because you need a smoker:

  • In hospitals
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Housing communities
  • Industrial plants
  • Many other places for public use

It is important to remember that this work is responsible and requires qualifications, which you can acquire with us. In addition, in Poland it is more seasonal, because in our climate we do not use boilers all year round. There is no need to heat buildings then, but this does not mean no work. In such a situation, your main duties will be cleaning, maintenance and repair.

The role of boilers and cookers in Poland:

In Poland, boilers and cookers perform an important function, particularly in winter. Any stoker who knows his trade is worth his weight in gold and, as mentioned above, should have no problem finding a job. A stoker is a particularly necessary profession, as there is a shortage of workers on the market.

How do you become a boiler stoker?

If you are thinking of becoming a CO smoker, first of all we invite you to take a course at ERGON. Almost anyone can become a smoker, but we pay attention to how responsible this job is, so it's important that you are conscientious, responsible, thorough in your work. It's a job for the physically fit, remember that in this job you have a lot of responsibilities and often get hooked on other areas. If you decide to take a course at ERGON, you will acquire qualifications and knowledge in:

  • Boiler and cooker operations
  • Their construction
  • Operations
  • How to maintain and repair them
  • What heating installations are

Once you have completed the course you will face an examination before a board, once you have passed this you will receive your licence and be ready to work.

How will you work?

CO burner at work

We have already mentioned the seasonal dimension. As you've guessed you'll be working in a boiler room, working conditions vary. Therefore, you should be prepared for all possibilities so that you can cope with all conditions. Often many activities are automated because, for example, the company can afford it, but often the working conditions are worse, less sterile and require a lot more of your time, strength and attention. Usually the worse conditions are in older buildings with more manual ovens with older technology. This is when the work can expose you to damage to your health, at which point the protective measures you will learn about on the course are very important. It is well known that this is a job with increased risks due to the high-temperature working conditions, limited access to oxygen and, in addition, the risk of contact with carbon monoxide in the event of leaks in the system. Excessive pressure and temperature in the boiler can lead to the risk of damage or even an explosion of the installation. Contact with hot fuel and chemicals in the boiler room is also potentially dangerous. The work is, of course, in shifts, and you must be resistant to noise and prepared to repeat certain activities.

How can you prevent accidents and protect yourself at work?

  • Wear appropriate protective clothing and footwear with non-slip soles
  • Always use a fall protection harness if you work at height in any way
  • Check the operation of the burners
  • Take care of ventilation
  • Remember to wear gloves when working
  • Protect your eyes - use safety glasses
  • Remember to make periodic checks
  • Protect your hearing at work, wear ear protectors
  • Replace hydrazine
  • Protect your respiratory system when working with dust
  • If the job involves handling heavy materials, use safe methods of doing so - use mechanical equipment
  • Remember to install safety devices at e.g. stairs

Information on entitlements:

Permits are essential for this work! Failure to do so results in heavy fines. It is essential to obtain the G2/E qualification and to remember to renew it, every 5 years.

How much does a boiler stoker earn?

The earnings of smokers do not vary much. Of course, it all depends on where you are employed. The highest salaries are earned in large, strongly established companies with a focus on quality and technology.

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