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Service UDT machines

UDT machine service

Audit and servicing of UDT equipment 

Our experienced staff guarantees a reliable and professional service. We go to great lengths to ensure that our services are carried out in the shortest possible time and to the highest safety standards. We realise how important it is for equipment under technical supervision to operate efficiently and safely, which is why our services are performed with full commitment and due care.  

broken scissor lift

In addition to standard maintenance services, we also offer the possibility of upgrading equipment to ensure its long-term and safe operation. All so that our customers can enjoy the smooth and safe operation of their handling equipment. 

Scope of our services 

The range of services we provide is wide and varied to provide our customers with comprehensive and professional repair and maintenance solutions. Our services include: 

  • repair and overhaul of manual and automatic transmissions, 
  • comprehensive stationary and mobile service, 
  • tyre replacement, 
  • maintenance, 
  • modernisation, 
  • periodic reviews, 
  • repairs suspended, 
  • general renovations, 
  • remanufacturing of parts, 
  • expert advice, 
  • the possibility of hiring replacement equipment (only applies to forklift trucks and scissor lifts), 
  • current repairs, 
  • installation of equipment on the chassis. 

The equipment we service 

We service machines under technical supervision such as: 

  • aerial work platforms, 
  • forklift trucks, 
  • scissor lifts, 
  • cranes, 
  • telescopic handlers, 
  • HDS cranes. 

Mobile service 

defective scissor lift

Our mobile service is superbly equipped and offers access to a wide range of spare parts, allowing us to repair machines quickly and efficiently. Our team of service technicians are professionals with specialist knowledge and experience in machine repair.  

With our mobile service, you can save time and money that would be needed to transport the machine to our service location.  

With our mobile service, you can rest assured that your machine will be repaired quickly and efficiently, without having to leave your workplace.  

Why use our services?  

Our service technicians are specialists in their field with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They are able to carry out even the most complex and precise repairs, guaranteeing high quality service.  

We also offer the possibility of renting forklifts and scissor lifts as replacement equipment for the duration of the repair. This allows our customer to continue their business without interruption, even if their equipment breaks down.  

We are always ready to help our customers and provide them with reliable service. 

Other services we offer  

We offer both new and used machines that meet the highest quality and safety standards. The fact that our machines are under constant technical supervision means that we can assure our customers that they will run smoothly for a long time. 

Our machines are regularly inspected and repaired to ensure their durability and safety in use.  

Our qualified specialists are on hand to help you choose the right machine. We are aware that every company is different and has different needs, so we try to adapt our offer to the individual requirements of our customers. 

Our training centre's offer 

Our training centre offers a wide range of courses for operators and maintainers of construction machinery such as mobile and portable cranes, scissor lifts, deck cranes, telescopic handlers, stationary cranes, rail and mobile cranes, overhead cranes, rail-mounted cranes, basket lifts and tower and quick-mounting cranes.  

forklift truck trainee

In addition, we also offer training in working at heights, welding, electrical, power and gas licensing, as well as flange fitting. 

If you are interested in using our services or have any questions please contact us. 

Questions and answers

Do you offer a mobile service?

Yes, we offer a mobile service that is superbly equipped and offers access to a wide range of spare parts. The service technicians are professionals with specialist knowledge and experience in machine repair. 

What equipment is subject to servicing?

We service cranes, aerial work platforms, forklift trucks, scissor lifts, telescopic handlers and HDS cranes, among others. 

What maintenance services do we provide?

We provide a wide and varied range of services, such as repair and overhaul of manual and automatic transmissions, comprehensive stationary and mobile service, tyre replacement, maintenance, periodic inspections, suspension overhauls, general overhauls, reconditioning of parts, expert advice, possibility of renting replacement equipment, modernisation, current repairs, installation of equipment on the chassis.