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Repair hoists and winches - ERGON

Repair of hoists and winches - ERGON

Hoists and winches - Service

In today's economy, there is a great need for machinery that facilitates the transport of goods of various types - both in terms of weight and form, such as containers. Among the basic lifting devices responsible for moving loads are precisely winches and hoists. They are a key solution for many branches of industry, also finding their way into construction or assembly halls - practically everywhere where reloading manoeuvres are required.



It is a lifting device used to raise or lower a load vertically. A chain or special rope, connected to a hook, is used to perform this operation. Once the load has been hooked, it can be transported to a designated platform by means of a sliding hoist that operates within the limits of a specially constructed track (also available in stationary versions). We can divide hoists into types according to the type of drive they use - different solutions contribute to the overall, better or worse, performance of the device. We can divide them into:

  • manual hoists
  • electric hoists
  • pneumatic hoists

Starting from these categories, we can detail the construction elements that constitute the differences between the types mentioned. Manual hoists have worm gears, multiple gears and planetary gears, while electric and pneumatic hoists use a motor and gears as the drive unit. The solutions used are aimed at facilitating the lifting of heavier weights, also the cable, i.e. the rope or chain, shows the different types of equipment.


It is similar to hoists in terms of its functions, but differs from them in terms of its greater application, offering a wider range of solutions. As well as lifting the load vertically upwards, it enables the load to be moved sideways - operating on two planes, vertical and horizontal. It is used for a variety of handling tasks, such as pulling rope or wire.

As with hoists, winches are differentiated by the type of drive unit, which can be divided into: electric, hydraulic or external drive. With individual models belonging to the more advanced group, we can also distinguish characteristic winches. However, crank and drum tensioned ropes are still a common solution for winches.


ERGON service

The ERGON Personnel Improvement Centre has a range of maintenance services on offer including the repair and maintenance of both hoists and hoists. Maintenance services also include the modernisation of this type of equipment. What is modernisation and how does it differ from the repair of a machine? Retrofitting is the process of changing the parameters of a machine to improve its performance and adapt it to the needs of the customer, while maintaining all safety requirements. Repairing a machine, on the other hand, is done to rectify a defect that has occurred.

Refurbishment and repair at ERGON

Due to its design - common components on one frame - a winch is easier to modernise, unlike a hoist, whose further technical development is not possible due to the nature of its design. For this reason, the modernisation work we carry out mainly relates to hoists, and includes: replacing drives, components, changing controllers and power supplies. In the case of repairs, on the other hand, the most common problems are damage to the frame, running wheels and motors.