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Platforms movable - maintenance and repair

Lifting platforms - service and repair

By definition, mobile platforms are responsible for performing activities that support the work of workers. It is therefore not surprising that, in order to fulfil its duties properly and also to ensure the safety of its users, it must be in excellent technical condition.

Take the example of aerial work platforms - they are used to lift workers to a given height by means of a special basket - their efficiency is all the more important, as without it, the work carried out is much more difficult to carry out and the safety of workers is all the more at risk. It is therefore the responsibility of every platform owner to have their equipment periodically maintained and, in the event of problems, repaired immediately.

Application and functions

Due to their specific use, mobile platforms are most often encountered when working at height. They make inaccessible spaces subject to fast and ergonomic operation. What needs to be emphasised is the high level of safety of the worker, who, being familiar with health and safety regulations, is mainly exposed to the risk of equipment failure. Each failure and malfunction may precede another more serious one, which is why platforms should be subject to cyclic maintenance and immediate repair in the event of damage or a technical problem.

Aerial lift.

Types of platforms and their construction

Each platform is characterised by its design - starting from this premise, we can divide it into the following types:

  • mobile
  • stationary
  • self-propelled
  • free wheeling
  • loading platform

From the general to the specific, mobile platforms mainly consist of the working platform, the control system, the boom and the undercarriage. We can distinguish between telescopic and articulated-telescopic booms. They are used to transport both heavy goods and people. Equipment equipped with these elements speeds up work on the construction site, making it much easier and safer. For this reason, they find their calling in companies providing services in the aforementioned work at heights, e.g. cleaning the windows of office buildings, felling trees, or in production plants and construction companies.

Work and employee

Any activity using a mobile platform should be preceded by proper training of the worker and the fulfilment of all safeguards to protect him/her from falling. The training should include a full range of knowledge of health and safety and of the correct operation of the equipment, culminating in a UDT exam, and the qualified operator should receive a certificate attesting to his/her eligibility to perform the job. When operating a machine, the person who has completed the training should ensure that his or her working conditions are safe, i.e. that fall protection systems are installed.

Service for mobile platforms

It should consist of comprehensive lift repairs and technical inspections. Any service that fulfils the given services should, within its scope, have access to the highest quality products, i.e. spare parts, the installation of which should be the responsibility of experienced and qualified persons for this purpose. The work we carry out at our ERGON service centre includes:

  • repair of combustion engines, electrical systems as well as hydraulic systems
  • lift, boom, platform regeneration
  • preparation of equipment for technical acceptance (UDT tests)
  • maintenance
  • diagnostic tests
  • consulting
  • wide range of platform construction parts

What are the characteristics of a good service?

This is a company that can take care of both the maintenance and repair of all the types of platforms we mentioned earlier. It will find the necessary spare parts on its premises to carry out repairs to any faults, and a highly qualified team should be behind it. The parts should be new and of high quality, and the services carried out should meet all the requirements of the UDT.

What more can a maintenance company offer?

For the duration of the repairs or inspections carried out, some companies provide their customers with replacement equipment so that they can continue to operate in their original capacity. In all cases, the team responsible for the repair should ensure the speed and accuracy of the tests and repairs carried out, with the customer's own best interests in mind.

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When should mobile platforms be serviced?

In addition to regular technical inspections, if any faults are detected, the equipment on which workers operate should be reported for repair immediately. Machines that are responsible for the safety and comfort of the workplace should be serviced at periodically scheduled intervals, otherwise unwanted breakdowns may occur, the consequences of which may endanger both the employees using the equipment and others working around them. In such a case - a sudden breakdown - ERGON service staff can come to the agreed location and carry out repairs there. We adapt to the needs of the customer in terms of the services we provide, with the aim of acting as quickly as possible, which is why all types of diagnoses can be made on site and only in the case of more serious faults can they be taken to the workshop.


ERGON Personnel Development Centre is a company that has been operating in the mobile platforms market for the last fifteen years. In addition to our main offer, which consists of training services, we also provide a platform service where we fulfil all the services we have mentioned previously in the text. Our staff has extensive professional experience, while complying with all UDT requirements for both workflow and equipment repair. Our facilities are supplied with new parts, of the highest quality, and we also have machines available for hire for repairs, and our prices are affordable for all customers. We have many branches located throughout the country, including Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw and Poznan. Feel free to call us and take a look at our entire offer on our official website