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Car lifts - ERGON service

Repair of car lifts

The demand for free movement of goods both horizontally and vertically is found in many industries, just as it is in our daily lives. The cars we use to travel to work need free space to park, and in the case of many highly industrialised cities such as, for example, Hong Kong, this space car liftis not possible on a single level. Multi-storey car parks require the installation of parking vinyl capable of raising and lowering cars on a case-by-case basis, just as car showrooms or production facilities often have such a requirement.

Their use is also found in delivery trucks (TIRs) responsible for transporting various loads, including cars. The construction of such a lifting device is characterised by its metal platform, from which pallets and goods are unloaded and loaded. For the construction of such a lift, special metal alloys capable of lifting heavy loads are used. The stronger the alloy, the stronger the construction of the lift in question and therefore the lower the risk of unwanted failure.

The main factor that has the greatest influence on the establishment of a structure is the terrain conditions. The impossibility of building an access ramp due to these factors results in the need to construct a specialised vehicle lift.


What if there is a breakdown?

Due to their 'heavy' duty nature, vehicle lifts, despite careful preparation and dedicated work, can fail. Should any faults or problems arise, it is important to call a recommended service centre, which will come to the site and carry out the diagnosis and necessary repairs to the lift equipment. Disregarding even minor faults can prove very costly and even fatal in its consequences.

How to avoid unwanted accidents?

Instead of wondering how much a repair will cost, protect yourself by carrying out periodic diagnostic tests. With a view to preventing potential accidents or faults, entrust maintenance to a recommended service that meets all the requirements of the UDT - Office of Technical Inspection.

car lift

What are the benefits of installing a lift?

First and foremost, the car lift takes up much less space than an access/egress ramp, leaving more free space to manage. In addition, this lift is available in a variety of dimensions, providing comfort to the customer when their company is transporting smaller or larger goods. As we mentioned earlier, the car lift has a universal purpose, as it can be used to transport cars as well as people or other loads. The very purpose of the lift is its advantage, namely to elevate vehicles to the appropriate floor level of a building - an expression of comfort.

Car lift - ERGON order

If you are considering the purchase of a car lift or need servicing, make use of our services, the ERGON Personnel Improvement Centre. We not only deal with the construction of car lifts, but also their repair. We have highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the field of lift engineering. We are also a company providing training services throughout Poland, including Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz. Our training and service meets all health and safety rules and UDT requirements. We provide all our services at competitive prices compared to other training centres as well as repair services. We invite you to contact us for further cooperation.